“Where there is no vision the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18). Vision20/20Asia came about as the result of multiple trips Jim has made to the sub-continent of India from 1996 through 2000. After completing his studies at Bob Jones University in 1994, Jim supported his family and his ministry through five small businesses. Some time in 1999 when preaching in one of India’s remotest villages Jim noticed Coca-Cola bottles. The thought came to Jim, If a pagan company can get their carbonated water into every village of India, why can’t we get the living water of Jesus Christ into every village of India?

When preaching from Luke 5:1–11, God burdened Jim’s heart to launch out into the deep and, like Simon Peter, to let down the nets for a catch of fish. Upon returning home from India in the Spring of 2000, Jim shared his burden with his pastor and the deacons at Morningside Baptist Church in Greenville, SC. Vision20/20Asia was born with their unanimous approval. Since the year 2000, in cooperation with our ministry partners, we have seen many souls trust Christ, and yet we feel that we have barely scratched the surface.

Dr. Mike

At the same time, Dr. Mike (last name withheld for security purposes) was pastoring a church, starting a daughter church, finishing a dissertation, and teaching block courses overseas to Asian national pastors. Through only circumstances that the Lord could orchestrate, Brother Jim and the board of Vision20/20Asia connected with Dr. Mike about becoming the next Executive Director. Having cumulatively spent between 2-3 years overseas training pastors in China, South Korea, Philippines, and India while also serving 25 years in pastoral ministry and 8 years in missions, Dr. Mike became the Executive Director of Vision20/20Asia in January 2021 with the goal of expanding the ministry to all of the continent of Asia.


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